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Radhe Plastic Ltd is a progressive manufacturing company located in Kutch Rd, Mlolongo, Kenya. We began our journey as a hose pipe manufacturer, but with our strong commitment to innovation, we have now evolved to become a leading name in the plastic industry.

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Calypso is our flagship brand of flexible hoses, which are crafted to match the highest standards of quality in the industry. Each hose in the Calypso range is designed to offer excellent value for money, taking into consideration the product’s quality from start to finish.

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Wavuti is our range of strapping materials, which provides the strongest breaking strength and longest elongation in the market. When used with the right tools, these straps offer unmatched strength that can replace steel straps, making them a reliable and cost-effective solution for strapping applications.

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Recycology is a key aspect of Radhe Plastic operations, reflecting our strong commitment to sustainability and the environment. We understand the impact of plastic waste on the environment and the importance of reducing it as much as possible.

Radhe Plastic believes in the concept of a circular economy, where waste is transformed into valuable resources. We acquire our raw material through various sources like local scrap dealers, small communities, etc. and recycle 100,000 to 120,000 PET bottles per day, which amounts to approximately 3500 kg to 4000 kg of plastic waste.

Our state-of-the-art facilities use 100% recycled PET flakes to manufacture our strapping bands, which promotes a more sustainable future while also offering our customers a cost-effective and reliable product. By promoting the use of recycled plastic, our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint and help preserve our environment for future generations.

We believe that every small step we take towards reducing plastic waste can make a significant difference in building a better, more sustainable world. Through Recycology, Radhe Plastic is committed to promoting environmental consciousness and eco-friendly practices across our operations and among our partners and clients.

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