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PET Flake Datasheet

In plastic recycling, Hot Washed PET Flakes represent a perfect blend of quality, purity, and sustainability. Radhe Plastic Ltd takes pride in offering these premium flakes, which are obtained from post-consumer beverage bottles, ensuring a sustainable process while delivering superior quality. Our PET flakes are treated with a caustic hot wash followed by a meticulous colour-sorting process. This ensures the utmost purity and uniformity, making them ideal for varied applications.

As a leading producer of Hot Washed PET Flakes, we’re committed to offering quality products at competitive prices. The PET flakes hot washer we use not only removes impurities but also contributes to the excellent quality of our product. Our processing techniques adhere to stringent standards, ensuring that each batch of our PET flakes maintains consistent quality, making them highly sought after in the market.

PET flakes hot washer
Material SourceBeverage Bottles
PET TypeSemi Crystalline
Colour of MaterialClear and Blue
Flake size8-12MM
Moisture1 (max)%
Impurity1 (max)%
Label & Film residue<1% flakes affected
Hot WashedYES
Intrinsic Viscosity0.78dl/g
Melting Temperature240-250°C
1 Jumbo Bag1100kgs
Container 40ft (H/C)20Wooden pallet
Net weight22000kgs
Gross weight22500kgs

Why Choose Hot Washed PET Flakes

  • Our Hot Washed PET Flakes are produced from quality-controlled blends of recycled materials, ensuring high-grade regrind polymers.
  • We source our materials from post-consumer beverage bottles, promoting recycling and minimising environmental impact.
  • Our hot washed pet flakes undergo a rigorous cleaning process, ensuring their purity and making them ideal for various applications.
  • Despite the top-notch quality of our product, we manage to keep price within a competitive range, providing excellent value for your investment.
  • Our product meet defined specifications, guaranteeing their reliability and consistency.

Radhe Plastic Ltd is more than a supplier; we are your partners in sustainability and quality. Choose our Hot Washed PET Flakes for their superior quality, sustainable production, and competitive pricing. We are eager to assist you in making a choice that supports your needs while also supporting the environment.