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Pneumatic Strapping Tool For PET

Pneumatic strapping machine is the packing machine for polyester (PET) Strapping.

They can be widely used in many industries including paper, wood packing, stone packing,steel pipe packing, cotton packing, used cloth packing, fiber packing and so on.

Pneumatic Strapping Tool AQD – 19,

We have now Introduced “New Generation Technology Tool” to further cater & support your specific application needs & requirements.

Our newest model, AQD – 19 is a New Generation Technology Tool designed especially for Heavy Duty & Rugged Performance. The new AQD – 19 is developed with high quality durable parts specially imported from “JAPAN” & KOREA”in order to have minimum & low maintenance and have longer life.




  • Tension force of binding band (when input air pressure is 0.63MPA): 3500N
  • Max allowable working pressure: 0.5-0.7 MPA (72-100Psi)
  • Ideal working pressure: 0.63 Map
  • Weight of packaging machine: 3.8 kg
  • Total length: 278.5mm (base: 70mm)
  • Width: 149.5mm / Height: 173mm
  • Material of packaging belt: Pet Strep
  • Width of packaging belt: 13mm-19mm
  • Thickness packaging belt: 0.5-1.5mm
  • Allowable lubrication oil: 51#
  • Vibration quantity: Meet requirement of IOS5349
  • Consumption of compressed Air: 0.3L/Min
  • Adjusting scope of fusion time: 2-5s


(1) Tightener :3500N (when 0.63Mpa)
(2) Cutting device

Heavy cutting device

The heavy cutting device is composed of blade holder and blade and is used to cut 0.5-1.5mm thick packaging belt.

Friction cutting device:

The friction cutting device is used to cut 0.5-0.7mm thick light PET packaging belt.


Proper hooks may be suspended at different position (top sealing, vertical sealing, and horizontal sealing)

Gas Source Instruction:

Requirement of air pressure:

The required scope of air pressure: 72-100psi (5.0-7.0 bars).

Installation of gas source :

Filter, pressure regulating valve and lubricator assembly shall be close to the pneumatic tool. The min.inner diameter of air hose is 6.0mm (1/4). Both ends of air supply pipe should be equipped with quick unions.

Moisture filtration:

A drain valve must be mounted at the bottom of the air supply circuits bypass to drain once every day.


Pneumatic motor should be lubricated properly, & the lubricator should be full & well regulated (a drop every day).

Gas Source


Suitable Strap PET Strap / PP Strap
Joint Type Friction-weld
Tension 3500N
Air Pressure 0.5-0.80MPa
Size 280x160x180mm
Weight 3.8kg
Function Tension / Welding / Cutting

Note: If this kind of pu-pipe connector is used in the tool then it will surely damage the internalparts of tool because inside this type of connector it has clip type of pu-pipe adapter as shown below. If you are using this type of connector then our company will not give any warranty on it .

Due to this clip adapter the tool gets damage because while using the tool due to air pressure and vibration the clip adapter brake down in to small pieces and get inside the tool and damages the internal parts of the tool.

Pipe Connector

Hence this type of pu-pipe connector is recommended to use in the tool because it has ball bearingpu-pipe adapter which has a 360-degree movement and make the using & handling of tool easy. If you are using this type of connector then only our company will give warranty.